Conifers (Trees)

Picea pungens Glauca Pendula

A tree that meanders its way upward with the leader often knuckling back over. A weeping cultivar that requires staking when young or it may be allowed to spread as a ground cover. Its blue foliage and the drooping branches make this plant a natural for the informal landscape. Grows in sun to part shade


Picea pungens Hoopsii

Dense conical form with spreading branches and blue-white foliage grows up to 35-60 ft tall and 15-25 ft wide. Best growth occurs in full sun but will tolerate partial shade or partial sun to full sun.


Picea pungens Mrs. Cesarini

Dwarf cultivar with blue-green foliage. Stately evergreen has stiff, horizontal branches forming a pyramidal shape. Bark is scaly, purplish-gray, & shoots are orange-brown. Leaves are needle-like, very stiff, thick, sharp; are covered in a glaucous wax, pointed upwards. Grows to a height 4- 6' & 4-5'. Sun to Full Sun


Picea pungens RM Series

RM stands for Red Mountain, Colorado where these were found. Blue spruce is valued mainly for its appearance. "The most beautiful species of conifer," alluding to the symmetrical, pyramidal form & the glaucous, bluish or silvery-gray foliage that some trees display. Slow-growing, long-lived tree of medium size.


Picea pungens Select Blue

Colorado Spruce is present in landscapes in the form of one of its cultivars with bluish foliage. This blue spruce has great blue color and uniform shape. A fast grower in full sun. Matures to a height of 35-60? and 10-20? wide.


Picea pungens/Colorado Spruce

This blue & silvery evergreen grows 35-60 ft tall and 15-25 ft wide. Foliage of seedlings ranges in color from dark green through all shades of blue green to steely blue. Best growth occurs in full sun but can tolerate partial shade or partial sun.


Pinus densiflora 'Pendula' Weeping Japanese Red Pine

Evergreen tree/shrub, branches pendulous, may spread along the ground Sun; well-drained, slightly acid soil. A weeping form of the "Japanese Red Pine". Forms a low spreading shrub which is capable of cascading over rocks or down walls. Often grafted as a standard, forming a beautiful weeping mound.


Pinus flexilis/Limber Pine Vanderwolf

Grows at a slow to moderate rate to 35-55 ft tall, 15-25 ft wide. Dark green needles are slightly curved or twisted. Buff to buff orange cones growing 3-5 in long. Grows in partial shade or partial sun to full sun


Pinus leucodermis/Bosnian Pine

A tree with a conical form and medium dense dark green foliage. Typically reaching 30' in landscape but can get 60? to 90? tall, but the plant is a slow grower; 15' to 20' wide. Adapts well to landscape culture in full sun and well-drained soils. Needles are approximately 2


Pinus mugo Mugho Pine Pumilo

Slow-growing, evergreen, low broad-spreading pine with green to yellowish green needles. Grows in sun/part sun to a height 6' tall & 10 ft wide in well drained soils. Useful for rock gardens, mass plantings, and in groupings with broadleaf plants. Also makes a great container plant.


Pinus mugo Mugho Pine Mops

Grows into a low, dense dome that stays compact without shearing. Smooth appearance is the result of many evenly spaced needles , all of which grow at a uniform rate. Most of the year, displays a hint of gray/blue in its green, but during crisp, cold months, needles take on a warm, golden hue. Sun to Full Sun.


Pinus mugo Mugho Pine Valley Cushion

Dwarf cultivar with a globose form that typically matures to 2-3? tall & as wide over the first 10 years, very slow-growing (2-3? per year) & is commonly seen as a 1-2? tall plant. Features unusually short, medium green needlesBest grown in medium moisture, well-drained, organically rich, clay or sandy loams in full sun.


Pinus nigra Compacta

Naturalizes beautifully in transition zones between suburban & rural home landscapes & adjacent wildlands. Lush green coloring is reliable in virtually every season. Tolerant of dry conditions, alkaline soils & salt. Evergreen conifer. Slower growth to just 15' tall & 8-10' wide in full sun.


Pinus nigra Oregon Green

Attractive new variety; slow-growing, maturing to 10-12' tall & 8-10' wide in 10 years. It will reach 18-20' tall & 15' wide at maturity. Has dark green stiff needles. These stiff needles result in less needle drop in the summer. In the spring there is an explosion of white candles. Grows in full sun.


Pinus nigra/Austrian Pine, Black Pine

Slow to moderate growth to 40-60 ft tall and half as wide. Dense, stout, pyramidal tree with uniform crown. Stiff, very dark green needles, 3-6 1/2 in. long. Regular water. Grows in full sun.


Pinus sylvestris Dwarf

Cultivar has short, slightly twisted blue-green needles that darken in winter. Dense foliage is attractive against the cinnamon-colored scaly bark. Hardy conifer. It makes an excellent choice for rock gardens and walls. Likes full sun, does poorly in hot humid climates. Grows to 1-2' tall & 2-3' wide.


Pinus sylvestris/Scotch Pine Mitsch's Weeping

A strongly weeping form with large winter buds, it requires staking, but trained high it is spectacular, weeping Scotch Pine. An elegant tree with twisted branches and needles. Can grow 10 feet tall or will sprawl over landscape as desired. Full sun. Needs good drainage.


Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead'

More compact than the species, white candles contrast with the glossy green needles, especially in winter. Develops into an elegant, upright, compact form. Popular selection of Japanese Black Pine. Develops a dense, billowy, cloud-like form. Grows in full sun, 6-12"/year reaching 5-10' in ten years, to a width of 8'.


Pseudotsuga menziesii/Douglas Fir Graceful Grace

This cultivar is a weeper when erect and has blue to green foliage. Needles are long, soft and thin. A narrow plant with drooping branches and long, bluish needles. This plant enjoys full sun and a moist, slightly acidic soil. Fast growing to 20 ft.


Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood Aptos Blue

The Coast Redwoods of California are among the tallest trees in the world (375 feet tall), although this tree grows to 70-90 ft tall and 15-30 ft wide in 25 yrs. Evergreen, grows in partial shade or partial sun to full sun forming a symmetrical pyramid of fin textured, blue tinged green foliage that turn at the tips.


Sequoia sempervirens/Coast Redwood

The Coast Redwoods of California are among the tallest trees in the world (375 feet tall), although this tree grows to 70-90 ft tall and 15-30 ft wide in 25 yrs. Evergreen, grows in partial shade or partial sun to full sun forming a symmetrical pyramid of soft looking medium green foliage.


Sequoiadendron giganteum Glaucum

The blue green needle conifer. Fast growing. It is not a tree for a small garden. Conical in growth. Will grow to 10' tall by 6' wide in 10 years but ultimately reach 120-170 ft tall & 40-50 feet wide at the base. Needs full sun in any well-drained soil & is drought tolerant once established. It is virtually maintenance free.


Sequoiadendron giganteum Pendula

Has an irregular form and strongly weeping branches; grow from 30-60 ft tall and 25-35 ft wide although it can be trained into tall pillar to about 25 ft wide and 4 ft wide or wider. Grows in full sun. Blue green, evergreen leaves.


Sequoiadendron giganteum/Giant Sequoia

Neat, handsome trees for larger gardens, up to 60-100 ft tall 30-50 ft wide. Grow in full sun. Hardier to cold than a coast redwood, it grows somewhat more slowly 2-3 ft/year. Short gray green evergreen leaves. Dark reddish brown cones.


Taxus baccata - Adpressa aurea

Dwarf cultivar has flattened gold to green foliage. Needles are short & shiny. Bark is typically reddish brown & the berries red. This plant lives very happily in varying amounts of shade. Usually, up to 8 feet tall; can grow to 30-70' tall & 12 ' wide. Needles, seeds & bark are poisonous.


Thuja occidentalis/Arbor vitae 'Emerald Green Spiral'

Slow growing, evergreen in dense, narrow cone to 10-15ft tall & 3-4 ft wide. Bright green to yellowish green leaf sprays. Cultivar retain it's green foliage well into winter. Partial shade or partial sun to full sun.


Thuja occidentalis/Arbor vitae 'Emerald Green'

Slow growing, evergreen in dense, narrow cone to 10-15ft tall & 3-4 ft wide. Bright green to yellowish green leaf sprays. Cultivar retain it's green foliage well into winter. Partial shade or partial sun to full sun. B&B, Field Grown


Thuja plicata atrovirens/Giant Arborvitae Virescens

Handsome conifer usually developing a buttressed trunk and retains lower limbs. Many selected cultivars that would be good replacements for Leyland Cypress. Dark green foliage year round. Narrow pyramidal habit. Slow to moderate growth in sun/part sun up to 50 ft tall & up to 20 ft wide.


Thuja plicata/Western Red Cedar 'Atrovirens'

?Atrovirens? is absolutely one of the best cultivars available. Upright, pyramidal tree. Can grow to 70-120' tall & 20-30' wide. Vigorous grower; beautiful shiny green foliage, brownish in the winter; very cold hardy; a great selection for hedging; deer resistance. Sun to full sun.


X Cupressocyparis leylandii Castlewellan

Fast-growing; foliage is light green in summer, turning golden yellow in fall & winter. Produces round, brown female cones & ovoid, yellow male cones, usually reaches around 80' tall & spreads 15' under landscape conditions. Accepts a wide range of growing conditions. Superior screen or windbreak. Part Shade to Full Sun


X Cupressocyparis leylandii Gold Rider

This cultivar forms a columnar to pyramidal form bearing scale-like flat sprays which are yellow-gold at the tips, with a lime-green interior. Fast grower - to 35' tall & to 15' wide. Good screening plant in full to partial sun. Slower growing & smaller than 'Castlewellan' and maintains its yellow color better.


X Cupressocyparis leylandii/Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress grows in full sun on a wide range of soils. Evergreen. Grows very fast 15-20 ft in 5 years. Can reach 60-70 ft tall & 8-15 ft wide. Flattened gray green foliage.


Picea pungens Thompsen

Has stiff, horizontal branches forming a broadly pyramidal shape. Bluish gray-green needles covered in a glaucous wax, pointed upwards and are arranged in a radial pattern on shoots. 'Thompsen' is densely branched and has distinct blue leaves. Grows to 30-50' tall & 12-15' wide in sun to full sun.